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August 2017

Totality: The Whole of Something

Last week was a week of totalities. Totality, defined by Oxford Dictionaries, as the whole of something. The week began with a solar eclipse. The last solar eclipse in the United States was in 1979, and next will occur in... Continue Reading →

Happy Two-Year Anniversary to Oils & Spoils

Last week marked two years for Oils & Spoils, the blog. All thanks to readers like you, this labor of love has been a learning experience topped with much joy. The words from Pulling Out The Negativity on August 5,... Continue Reading →

Can I Get Your Monograph? Certifiable 4

I'm currently studying the monographs of 24 essential oils, as I work through Foundations of Aromatherapy, one of two courses needed for aromatherapy certification through The School for Aromatic Studies. In general, a monograph is a written account of single... Continue Reading →

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