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February 2016

Fool Me Twice

While I am very blessed, at the ripe age of 48, to not require any prescription medication, I have had a necessary, long-term affair with NSAIDSĀ and Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs), an ingredient commonly found in heartburn medications. I mean, I... Continue Reading →

The Scoop on Essential Oil Supplies

In previous blogs, we covered how to buy and ways to use essential oils. So, it follows naturally to figure out where to get supplies with which to use your essential oils to make roll-on bottle blends, creams, soaps, facial... Continue Reading →

Got Essential Oils? Now What?

My second biggest fear regarding essential oils, behind the number one fear of misuse, is that somewhere out there, someone has purchased or been gifted essential oils and has no idea how to use them. Might even be a little... Continue Reading →

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