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March 2016

Oils on a Plane

A recurring question is, can I fly with essential oils? Followed by, how do I pack my essential oils to get through security? I frequently travel for work and am pleased to report that taking my essential oils with me... Continue Reading →

Happy Oiliversity

Spring is the season of renewal and, perhaps, reflection. As the cold, bare landscape of Winter gives way to Spring's rebirth and warmer, brighter days, I find myself thinking back to a year ago, when I first began a life-changing journey.... Continue Reading →

Bar Wars: Return of the Lavender

A long time ago, in a shower far, far where a girl can escape for a few minutes and think of nothing, solve a problem or come up with a brilliant idea. Cleansing, refreshing, renewing. Yes, Every Day is... Continue Reading →

Do Essential Oils Really Work?

I frequently get asked, do essential oils really work, or is it just in your head? I was a little taken aback recently when my parents asked me that same question. I admit, I was tempted to respond, does it matter, as long... Continue Reading →

Carried Away: A Guide to Carrier Oils for Essential Oils

When I began my oily journey over a year ago, I was almost as carried away by the many choices of carrier oils with which to pair my essential oils as I was with the many choices of essential oils.... Continue Reading →

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