A recurring question is, can I fly with essential oils? Followed by, how do I pack my essential oils to get through security? I frequently travel for work and am pleased to report that taking my essential oils with me has not posed a problem.

For me, the real problem is choosing which essential oils I’ll need while away from home, because I sure can’t fit them all into a quartz-size plastic bag! So, it gets down to which ones I use every day and packing creatively. My goal is to fit everything into two carry-ons, my purse/tote and small suitcase. I try to avoid checking baggage, if at all possible.

The following is a list of oils that fly with me:

Lavender, Cedarwood and Rosemary: I must add a drop per ounce to the hotel shampoo and conditioner to continue lengthening and strengthening my hair. I know, I’m obsessed. Instead of packing all three bottles, I put about four drops of each in a small sample bottle (dram). Hotel shampoo and conditioner bottles are rarely over 2 ounces each.

Thieves and Orange:  I put a drop of each on my toothpaste – Thieves, a Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) blend, for good oral health and Orange to whiten.

Geranium:  I add a drop of Geranium to the toner on my cotton ball to help with those “fine” lines.

Tea Tree:  I use a drop on a cotton ball and apply to blemishes. Gets rid of them quick and prevents them from getting worse.

Joy:  I may sound like a hippie chick sharing this with you, but I roll a little Joy, a YLEO blend, over my heart each morning. This, coupled with Stress Away, another YLEO blend, gives me my chill for the day and has probably saved lives.

Stress Away:  I rub Stress Away, a YLEO blend, on my wrists and behind my ears each morning (see above). I also have been known to reapply Stress Away during the day, as needed.

Pan Away or Deep Relief:  I use either Pan Away or Deep Relief, both YLEO blends, as needed for little aches and pains.

Roller Bottles:  I pack a variety of roller bottle blends – Headache Relief, Tummy Tamer, Seasonal Support, Cough Quieter and Happy Juice – and I and my co-workers use them as needed. I also pack Immunity Booster. I roll it on the bottoms of my feet before I leave the hotel room and head to work.

Facial Cleanser and Toner:  I make my own facial cleanser and toner and transfer them to smaller bottles when traveling.

I’ve not always been diligent about packing my oils, along with other liquids, in a quart-size plastic bag. I used to pack them in a cute little pink and white chevron case, but then I began to think about the possibility that security might make me throw them away or confiscate them. Good, quality essential oils are not cheap, and the thought of having a meltdown at the airport security checkpoint didn’t appeal to me. So, I sucked it up and began packing my oils, along with other liquids, in a quart-size plastic bag.

No matter how tight the lid might be on my oils, invariably, some of them leak in flight. Maybe it’s the pressure in the cabin. So, now I place the oils and roller bottles into smaller craft plastic bags, like those found at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby or online, and then placing them in the quart-size plastic bag. That way, if any of them spring a leak, it doesn’t get all over everything else in the bag.

All of the items above, with the exception of Stress Away and my Headache Relief roller, are packed in my small suitcase. I carry Stress Away and Headache Relief in my purse/tote, as these are the two I’ll most likely need while in flight.

While I do have TSA Pre-Check status, I still pack my oils in a quart-size plastic bag. With pre-check status, I don’t have to remove them from my suitcase or purse/tote. And better safe than sorry.

Until next time, Snakes on a Plane – scary. Oils on a Plane – not scary.

Essential Oils Update

Hobby Lobby Classes:  I’m SO excited to share that I will be teaching soap making and diffuser jewelry making classes at the Hobby Lobby in Mufreesboro, TN. I’m currently working on supply lists for soap making (bar soap and lotion bars) and diffuser jewelry making (a class each for wood, lava bead and polymer clay jewelry – earring, bracelet and necklace). I’d love for you to give me feedback on what days and times would be best, whether to include supplies, and anything else you think students would find helpful.

Oils & Spoils:  Look for an Oils & Spoils Facebook page in the near future, where I will post this blog, recipes, tips and other essential oil information. I’m also launching a line of essential oil diffuser jewelry that will debut on etsy, along with a name change for my etsy site, from Gemama Handcrafted & Vintage Jewelry to Oils & Spoils.

Happy Oiliversary Special:  It’s not too late to take advantage of $10 off a YLEO Premium Starter Kit. My anniversary special is good until midnight MST March 31. Details at the bottom of this post. Young Living will be updating their website after 10 p.m. MST March 30, so if you experience a glitch, let me know, and I will be happy to help.