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April 2016

Baby, Baby, I’m Taken With The Notion

I was taken with the notion to make a personalized pacifier clip for my newest nephew who will arrive soon. It was Sunday afternoon, an hour and a half before the "come and go" baby shower for my sweet sister-in-law.... Continue Reading →

‘Cause Airplane Funk Gon’ Give It To You

Coming off a four-day trip to Vegas for work and hedging my bets against all those germs by cleaning everything. Commuting to work always means taking a plane, and after spending some quality time in the enclosed metal tube, this... Continue Reading →

Update to Fool Me Twice

Two months ago, I wrote about my pending breakup with Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) medication in Fool Me Twice. PPIs, commonly found in heartburn medications, have been in the news lately because research has found links between PPIs and chronic... Continue Reading →

Vintage Re-Vitalized

Today is a banner day, for two reasons: ┬áToday marks the debut of the Oils & Spoils banner (see above), and this a blog about both Oils and Spoils. Spoils I'm a big waste not, want not type of person,... Continue Reading →

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