Two months ago, I wrote about my pending breakup with Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) medication in Fool Me Twice. PPIs, commonly found in heartburn medications, have been in the news lately because research has found links between PPIs and chronic kidney failure and dementia. I’m pleased to say that after a couple of trial and errors, I’ve been PPI free for over three weeks.

This is huge to me. At one point, I was taking two PPIs a day, back in the day when said PPI could only be had with a prescription. I would literally dissolve into tears when mistakes were made between the insurance company, doctor’s office and pharmacy, and I had to leave the pharmacy empty-handed. The insurance would deny the extra dosage, because for most people, one PPI a day was enough.  I literally could not function without the PPI, because the burning was so bad, from my stomach, all the way up to my throat and beyond.

Fast forward to the last few years, and with a better diet, I was down to one over-the-counter PPI a day. I was pretty proud of myself, until the recent news reports. I didn’t know you’re only supposed to take PPIs for a couple of weeks. I had been on them for decades. My nervous stomach began in high school. My mother has the same issues.

With much trepidation and research, I stopped taking the PPI. Every morning, I squeezed half a lemon into a small glass of distilled water and drank it slowly. I read that lemon was supposed to combat the acid and balance the pH in my stomach. I still had the burn, but it wasn’t debilitating, like before. I chewed a couple of anti-acids when necessary. But I worried about the burn, because the biggest fear I have from not neutralizing the acid, is esophageal cancer.

Disclaimers and Disclosures

I also tried a Young Living Essential Oils proprietary blend, DiGize, under my tongue and in my water. Di-Gize is a proprietary blend of eight essential oils, including ginger, peppermint, fennel and lemongrass. I pair Di-Gize and peppermint essential oil with a carrier oil in a roller bottle, and it works wonders for an upset stomach. I call it my Tummy Tamer. Di-Gize on its own, however, does not taste good. So much so, it was a deterrent to me. So, I thought about putting it in capsules and ingesting Di-Gize that way. While I was thinking about this, I was putting together an essential oils order, and I added AlkaLime, a Young Living Essential Oils proprietary acid-neutralizing pH mineral complex designed to support normal acid levels in the digestive system.

So, I tried AlkaLime. One level teaspoon of powder in 4-6 ounces of distilled water. When the powder hits the water, it’s like that old TV commercial – plop, plop, fizz, fizz. A dynamic little effervescent reaction. Following the directions, I waited 25-30 seconds and drank it down immediately. I was happy to find that it didn’t taste like Di-Gize. As its name belies, AlkaLime has a slight lime flavor.

I’ve waited a week to share this news. AlkaLime works for me. I waited to share because it seemed too good to be true. I waited to share because I was afraid it would stop working. I drink it down every morning. You can take it up to three times a day. I’ve only had to take it more than once a day in the past week, and that was the day I had pizza for dinner. I know, great food choice. But, one teaspoon in a small glass of distilled water, and the burn was gone.

AlkaLime is infused with lemon and lime essential oils and features biochemic cell salts. Each bottle contains about 45 teaspoons and costs $47.04 retail and $35.75 wholesale, both before tax and shipping. Per dosage, that’s less than the cost of the over-the-counter PPI I was taking every day. Alkalime actually works better than the PPI for me – no burn.

Interested? Don’t want to feel the burn? You can order AlkaLime at retail price through my Young Living Essential Oils website or talk with me about becoming a wholesale member.

As for that PPI that had such a hold on me…Bye Felicia!

Until next time, oh, what a relief it is!