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Happy 2-Year Oiliversity to Me and You!

Last month marked 2 years since I began my essential oils journey. As I started reflecting on the many ways in which I've incorporated essential oils into my everyday life and the ways in which essential oils have helped me,... Continue Reading →

Dimple Dinger Soap: Make & Break 5

I have to credit my friend, Brandy, for being the inspiration behind this divine smelling soap, though the thought behind the bar wasn't scent, but rather a means to diminish the unsightly effects of cellulite. Brandy also came up with... Continue Reading →

Got Essential Oils? Now What?

My second biggest fear regarding essential oils, behind the number one fear of misuse, is that somewhere out there, someone has purchased or been gifted essential oils and has no idea how to use them. Might even be a little... Continue Reading →

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