I have to credit my friend, Brandy, for being the inspiration behind this divine smelling soap, though the thought behind the bar wasn’t scent, but rather a means to diminish the unsightly effects of cellulite. Brandy also came up with the fun-to-say name, Dimple Dinger.

Disclosures and Disclaimers

Research and Refinement

I referred to the Essential Oils Pocket Reference (EOPR), Sixth Edition by Life Science Publishing to get some ideas on oils to use. The Seventh Edition is available now and much less expensive than the Sixth on Amazon. According to EOPR, single oils, used in conjunction with weight training, a weight loss program and drinking lots of purified water, that can help to dissolve cellulite include: Grapefruit, Spearmint, Rosemary, Lemon, Tangerine, Cypress, Fennel, Juniper and Lemongrass. As mentioned in my wholistic blog, essential oils are part of a whole focus on health and well-being, one that includes good nutrition and exercise, among other things.

While the name Dimple Dinger is funny, cellulite isn’t. The seriousness of cellulite goes beyond the cottage cheese-like look on the skin. Of course, extra weight on the body puts more of a load on the body’s systems and joints. What I didn’t know is that toxins tend to accumulate in fatty tissue and can contribute to a number of health problems. I’ll be honest here, I could stand to lose more than a few pounds, and this bit of knowledge will be a motivating factor for me.

I happened to have all the oils listed above, so I took all the tops off of the bottles and sniffed. Too many smells, so I started sniffing different combinations, before I decided on a citrus scent, putting Grapefruit, Lemon and Tangerine to the side. I also decided to include Lemongrass in the mix, because Lemongrass is known to help ease inflammation.

Now that I’ve given you an inside look into how the Dimple Dinger soap recipe developed, I’m going to let you in on a little soap-making secret. The first soap I made was a lavender soap bar, using the Simply Lavender recipe from soapmaking the natural way. The recipe is billed as the easiest recipe in the book, and it is: 1 lb. olive oil melt-and-pour suspension soap, 1 teaspoon essential oil and 2 teaspoons dried lavender buds. I used the same combination for my Falling for You bar soap, with different oils and citrus peels. This recipe yields 4 or 5 bars from a soap mold.

I’ve since really taken a liking to using a soap loaf that yield about 9 1-inch thick bars of soap. I picked mine up at Michael’s, with a 50 percent off coupon, for about $15. I’ve since picked up another, because my orders for soap tend to run from 6 bars to a full loaf. When making a soap loaf, I increase the amount of essential oil(s) to 1 1/2 teaspoons, because it takes 1 1/2 lbs. of melt-and-pour suspension soap to fill the soap loaf mold. I found that using the entire 1 1/2 lbs., which fills the mold to almost overflowing, helps to prevent a major dip in the middle of the loaf from where the soap dries. In turn, when slicing the individual bars, each tends to have an exaggerated curve on one side. Where the soap has run over a little on the top of the mold, I’ve been able to pull the excess soap off without marring the loaf.

Dimple Dinger Soap Recipe 

50 drops each essential oils: Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lemon and Lemongrass

1 1/2 lbs. olive oil melt-and-pour suspension soap

  1. Cut olive oil melt-and-pour suspension soap into cubes.


2. Melt the soap in a double boiler on low medium.


3. When melted, remove from heat and stir in essential oils. This almost became the Break of my Make & Break blog. I forgot that melted soap can be quite hot and was stirring in the essential oils with such gusto, that I got an unfriendly reminder. Luckily, the melted soap cooled very quick, and no harm, no foul.

4. Pour soap into a soap loaf mold that has been sprayed with rubbing alcohol. After pouring soap into the soap loaf mold, spray rubbing alcohol on the top of the soap. This helps to prevent bubbles from forming in the soap as it dries.

5. Let soap dry for at least 3 hours. I thought this loaf would come out a bit more green, because the first picture is how it looked after I poured it in the mold. The second picture is the dried loaf, which is more translucent yellow.

I toyed with the idea of adding citrus peels to the Dimple Dinger, but in the end, thought it would be easier to rub a smooth bar of soap over the desired area. I cut the soap loaf with a curvy soap blade, so until wear smooths out the bar, the curves offer a little more traction.

The scent of this soap reminds me of a lemon icebox pie, only more of citrus icebox pie. So, yummy and uplifting! Some words of caution: Citrus essential oils are photosensitive, so use this soap at night or apply sunscreen before heading outdoors. And a disclaimer: The Dimple Dinger bar soap is in the experimental use stage currently, meaning I make no claim that this will help with cellulite. As I said at the beginning, if nothing else, the scent of this soap is divine.

I’ll be adding Dimple Dinger bar soap to my etsy shop in a week or two. Special thanks to Brandy who introduced some of her friends to the Dimple Dinger as part of a giveaway on her site, Everyday Oil Solutions, Inc.

I’ll be upping my soap-making game in the near future. I’ve been loathe to add synthetic dyes to my homemade soap and have recently come across some natural color enhancers. My fave homemade bath and body DIY magazine, Willow & Sage, has a spread on all-natural ways to add color to your homemade soap, as well as DIY beetroot powder that can be used in soaps and DIY blush. I’m thinking of adding beetroot powder to my homemade lip balm for a pop of color. I found Willow & Sage Spring 2017 at Barnes & Noble, Books A Million and Kroger grocery stores.

Until next time, here’s to hoping use of the Dimple Dinger will keep us all from doing the Unskinny Bop. At least, we’ll know we smell good. Much love, Kim

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