Disclosures and Disclaimers

I’m not bragging or complaining, just saying what is. I’m writing this blog on 3 1/2 hours of sleep, due to a work project that had to get done and that I finished late this morning. While caffeine certainly helped, and I admit to having three cups of coffee in various states of consumption in various locations around the house simultaneously today, yesterday’s discovery of Young Living Essential Oils proprietary blend Brain Power helped me to mentally power through many. many documents to write a coherent report.

I had intended to finish said report during the day yesterday, but then, other work things happened. We all know how that goes. Half my work day Monday and Tuesday went to other work things. To make matters worse, I had run out of my chill Young Living Essential Oils blend Stress Away at the start of the week. I hadn’t realized how much a daily application or re-application helped me, until I found myself wanting to snap the heads off of assorted people.

Thankfully, my essential oil order arrived midday. I immediately rolled on some Stress Away and started looking at the oils and other goodies I had ordered or received free through the Young Living Essential Oils April promotions. I had wrestled between ordering the blends Brain Power and Motivation. Motivation will be on my next order, because honestly, I could have started working on this project earlier and avoided the hurt I put on myself.

I put a drop of Brain Power in my hand and applied it to the base of my skull, temples and under my nose, per the directions. I rubbed the leftover oil into my hands and wrists. I know, hard to believe anything could be left over from a drop applied to so many places. Must have been a big drop.

It usually takes about 20 minutes to feel the effects of essential oils. In less than 20 minutes, I can barely describe the full frontal lobe feeling I got. It was like my brain had cleared out and had kicked into Mach 3 mode. Like I needed to pin my ears back. I posted on Facebook: I feel like the Scarecrow after Oz hands him a diploma. I SO needed this today.

When I was in college, I could pull an all-nighter, even two all-nighters in a row. At 48, not so much. Hubs says getting by on 3 1/2 hours sleep at our age is an all-nighter. I applied Brain Power a second time last night. I didn’t get the rush I got the first time I used it, but it helped me to synthesize about a hundred documents into one report. Eventually, the body gave out. I got up this morning and applied Brain Power again and finished the report.

Brain Power is a blend of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Melissa, Helichrysum, Cedarwood, Blue Cypress, Frankincense and Lavender and can be diffused, directly inhaled (which I also did) or applied topically.

Until next time, Brain Power on!

Ah-May-zing Young Living Essential Oils May Promotions

Take the oily plunge and order your first Premium Starter Kit, along with oils or other goodies outside of the starter kit to get these awesome May promotions free! See below. If cooking isn’t your thing, let’s chat about what oils might be of help to you and your family to support immunity and overall wellness.

Facebook post:  Young Living Essential Oils monthly promotions (freebies) are always great, but May’s promos are ah-maz-ing! Just in time for Mother’s Day: Get 2 diffusers plus 33 essential oils and the new ART Skincare System, plus some incredible extras, all for 60% off retail price. Or, to put it another way, $1,058 worth of Young Living product for $425! I know for me, $425 is what Jeff and I would call a big ticket item. So, that got me to thinking about how to break it down.

To get all this month’s freebies, which are valued at $334.88, I’d recommend purchasing a $160 Premium Kit, which comes with the following:
Home or DewDrop Diffuser
5mL Copaiba
5mL DiGize
5mL Frankincense
5mL Lavender
5mL Lemon
5mL PanAway
5mL Peppermint
5mL Purification
5mL RC
5mL Stress Away
5mL Thieves
Essential oil and Ningxia Red samples
Sample drams and cards

Then add the Vitality Collection (labeled as supplemental/dietary and used for cooking, beverages, etc.) to your cart, which includes:
5mL Basil Vitality
5mL Bergamot Vitality
5mL Celery Seed Vitality
5mL Cinnamon Bark Vitality
5mL Citrus Fresh Vitality
5mL Clove Vitality
5mL Dill Vitality
5mL Endoflex Vitality
5mL Ginger Vitality
5mL Grapefruit Vitality
5mL Jade Lemon Vitality
5mL Lavender Vitality
5mL Lemon Vitality
5mL Lemongrass Vitality
5mL Peppermint Vitality
5mL Orange Vitality
5mL Oregano Vitality
5mL Rosemary Vitality
5mL Spearmint Vitality
5mL Tangerine Vitality

And you get the following promos free!
5mL Cedarwood (for Essential Reward members)
5mL Manuka
15 mL Melrose
20 FREE ER points! (You don’t even need to be on ER to earn them–you can redeem them next month for a FREE oil!)
Dew Drop Diffuser
ART Skin Care System (cleanser, toner, moisturizer)

How to pay for and gift such a great deal? You could split the total between you and your siblings or friends, or add your friends’ orders to yours this month. You could gift a Premium Starter Kit, the Vitality Collection and a diffuser, and the ART Skin Care System with Cedarwood, Manuka and Melrose. So, three gift packages for more than one Mom or to split among friends. Or, you could keep it all to yourself. smile emoticon

Sorry for the long post, but I’m just a little excited. Can you tell?! May promotions are good for the entire month. My support with teaching you and your friends and family how to use these essential oils and answering any questions you might have is good for as long as you need me.

May promo