Ain’t gonna lie. Last week was challenging. I was out of town half the week on a business trip and had intended to write last week’s addition to the 99 Bottles of Oils on the Wall series before I left. Time crept up on me, so I took a picture of the next 5 essential oils to be featured, thinking I could write from my hotel room. Yeah, right. The conference room spills over to the hotel room. Got home late mid-week, was catching up on work and planned to write this past weekend. I value consistency, and I have tried to consistently post installments to the 99 Bottles of Oils on the Wall weekly.

Disclosures and Disclaimers

Then, It happened. I woke up Friday not feeling so great, and as the day progressed, so did my temperature. I tried my blend of essential oils in a capsule (Thieves, Lemon, Oregano and Frankincense – all Young Living Essential Oils singles and blend (Thieves)) and took some non-NSAID pain relievers. When the pain in my right ear started resonating down my jawline, I took myself to the doc in the box down the street.

I’ve had great success in using essential oils to keep well and reduce and/or eliminate some over-the-counter medicines, two of which have recently been linked to things like stroke, chronic kidney failure, dementia, etc. And I’ve frequently posted on social media that I haven’t had to visit a doctor’s office since March 2015, when I first began using essential oils.  March 2015 also happens to be the last time I had a sinus infection.

So, I was a bit disheartened as I walked into the clinic. I am crazy about my essential oils, but I also know there’s a time when East meets West in the world of medicine and getting me back on track. I was delighted to learn that the nurse practitioner was an essential oils user, too. Not so much to learn that I had an ear infection. I mean, really? Isn’t that something littles get?!

Turns out my ear infection was not caused by a virus, but rather fluid trapped in my ear during my business trip flight. Same thing happened to a close friend of mine, and she ended up at the hospital. I ended up with antibiotics and steroids. By Day 3, Sunday, my fever broke, and I was feeling better.

I asked my husband if I could still say I hadn’t been sick in over a year and three months, since It was not caused by something viral, and he said no. I still stand by my Immunity Booster blend that I roll onto my feet before leaving the house. But I’m resetting the “I haven’t been sick since…” clock. I’ll just give you fair warning, the reset will probably go something like this, “I haven’t been sick since I began using essential oils in March 2015, with the exception of the ear infection I got in June 2016, not as the result of a virus, but rather fluid trapped in my ear from a flight.” Yeah, might need to work on that.

Until next time, ear you go.

Oils & Spoils Updates

The winner of the 5 ml bottle of Spearmint essential oil has not claimed his or her prize, the drawing for which came from Oils & Spoils email and WordPress followers as of the 87 Bottles of Oils on the Wall post. Check your email; the winner may be you!

The 99 Bottles of Oils on the Wall series continues this week with 74 Bottles of Oils on the Wall. Look for it in a couple of days.

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