The 14th installment of 99 Bottles of Oils on the Wall features two of my favorite blends. It also marks the end of the second of three shelves in my oil cabinet. Each week, I take down 5 Young Living Essential Oils singles or blends from my oil cabinet (and various other places), pass around information on the featured 5, and start again the following week.

I also give away one of the week’s 5 featured oils to a lucky follower, by wordpress or email. Usually, the oil that followers have a chance to win in a random drawing is revealed at the end of the blog, but I am so excited by this week’s giveaway oil, that I just have to spill the beans now. It’s PanAway. So, if you aren’t already following Oils & Spoils, you’re going to want to start this week. Read on to see why PanAway is one of my favorite blends.

Disclosures and Disclaimers

This Week’s Featured 5 – 3 Singles and 2 Blends

PanAway:  PanAway is one of the 11 oils in the Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit. I purchased my first starter kit in March 2015 because a friend had great success in reducing the seasonal sniffles, coughs, sneezing, congestion and itchy, watery eyes by using Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint. What does that have to do with PanAway? Well, diffusing this trio greatly helped these symptoms that are year around for me. Additionally, my head is a barometer. I can always tell when the weather is going to change, because I get killer headaches, the kind that over-the-counter pain relievers can only dull. I was having one of those killer headaches when I first used PanAway. I put a roller fitment on the bottle and rolled it on my temples, forehead and the back of my neck. The killer headache went away. I’ve since used PanAway on a sore elbow and in my pain cream: 1/4 cup of coconut oil and 10 drops each of Valor, PanAway and Peppermint. I get a lot of requests for this recipe and the concoction itself. I’ve added other oils to the pain cream for those who requested a stronger version, but always recommend this mix to first timers. Go low and go slow if you’re new to oils to minimize any discomfort. PanAway is a proprietary blend of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove and Peppermint essential oils and helps to reduce soreness, whether the soreness is a headache or in a muscle. PanAway can be diffused, directly inhaled or applied topically, diluted 1:1 (1 part oil to 1 part carrier oil). Caution: Possible skin sensitivity.

Patchouli:  Patchouli is steam distilled from flowers and is great for skin conditions, such  as blemishes, fine lines, chapping and itching. Patchouli can be diffused, directly inhaled, and applied topically, neat (no carrier oil). When diffused, Patchouli is a calming, relaxing and peaceful fragrance. Patchouli is found in the following Young Living Essential Oils products: Abundance, Allerzyme, Animal Scents Ointments, DiGize, Live with Passion, Magnify Your Purpose, Orange Blossom Facial Wash, Peace & Calming, and Rose Ointment.

Pine:  Pine is steam distilled from the tree’s needles. The father of Western medicine, Hippocrates first investigated Pine for its benefits to the respiratory system. Pine shares many of the same properties as Eucalyptus Globulus, and the action of both oils is enhanced when blended. Native Americans stuffed mattresses with pine needles to keep fleas and lice away. When diffused, Pine is a calming scent. Pine can also be inhaled directly or applied topically, diluted 1:1.

Purification:  Purification is another of my favorite Young Living Essential Oils proprietary blends and one of the 11 oils in the Premium Starter Kit. I alternate between using a few drops of Purification or Lavender on my wool dryer balls. I’ve used Purification on blemishes and diffused it to banish doggie smells in the house before company arrived. I also carry a little bottle, with a roller fitment, of Purification to help keep bugs away. Mosquitoes love me, but not when I roll a little Purification on my big toe or bottom of my feet. Purification is a blend of Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavandin and Myrtle essential oils. When diffused, Purification has a wonderful, clean scent. Purification can also be directly inhaled and applied topically, diluted 1:1. Caution: Possible skin sensitivity.


Ravintsara: Ravintsara is steam distilled from branches and leaves and is referred to by the people of Madagascar as “the oil that heals.” Ravintsara contains skin cleansing properties, helps to support the nervous and respiratory systems, and also helps to clear brain fog.  Young Living Essential Oils offers different oils and products each month as promotions (freebies), and that is how Ravintsara made its way into my oil cabinet. Now that I know that it helps to clear brain fog, I’m definitely trying it. Ravintsara is a less expensive alternative to the Clarity and Brain Power blends. When diffused, Ravintsara has a clean scent. Ravintsara can also be directly inhaled and applied topically, neat. Ravintsara is found in the following Young Living Essential Oils products: ImmuPower and Raven (great for help with breathing).

Another great 5 oils and blends, and don’t forget to follow Oils & Spoils for a chance to win a 5 ml of PanAway.

Until next time, don’t Pine for PanAway or Purification. You can get both in the Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit, along with 9 other oils, a diffuser of your choice and several other goodies. Through the end of August, you also get a 15 ml bottle of Cedarwood free with the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit, for a total of 12 oils. I use Cedarwood in my shampoo, conditioner and mascara to lengthen and strengthen my hair and eyelashes. And, I happen to have one voucher good for $20 off a Premium Starter Kit through August 31. First come, first serve. Comment to let me know. If you miss the boat on the $20 off and would still like to order a Premium Starter Kit, I will give you $20 in Young Living Essential Oils product(s). Win, Win.

Oils & Spoils Updates

Not really an update, but another use for diffusing Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint – taming the terrier-ists, Bess and Bailey. They finally calmed down and let me write this blog.


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