Aren’t these baby jar candles adorbs? Even more adorbs, they’re made with soy wax and scented with essential oils. And they’re a breeze to make.

I’m a big fan of waste not, want not. The baby jars I used are 2-ounce glass jars. It’s a more pleasant experience to give our diabetic dog, Bess, her insulin shot as she is chowing down on her yum yums – canned diabetic dog food and a dollop of chicken or turkey baby food on top. This practice ensures I keep my extremities and generates a jar a day. I thought I had come up with an original idea, using baby food jars to make candles, but no. I looked at several blogs, got the gist of it, and as Frank sang, did it my way.

Disclosures and Disclaimers


If you generate glass baby jars, the traditional or not-so-traditional way, or have access to 2-ounce glass jars and want to make super-easy, but chic candles, read on.


Natural soy wax, 10 lb bag – Amazon

4 lb pouring pot – Amazon

100 8-inch low smoke soy wax natural candle wicks – Amazon

100 standard 20 mm wick stickers – Amazon

Essential oil(s) of choice – Young Living Essential Oils

Baby jars – Bess-generated

Wood spoon – Old Time Pottery

Clothes pins – Walmart

Labels – Avery 8293

Ribbon – Dollar Tree



  1. Clean those baby jars. I soak mine in dish soap and water. Easy to clean and take off the label, but no one warns you about the industrial strength, like stronger than super glue, 1-inch rectangle of glue that holds the label on the jar. I’ve tried lemon essential oil and Goo Gone, and it was not worth the amount of elbow grease it took to get the glue off the jar. I also use these jars for essential oil bath salts samples and had resigned myself to putting a piece of decorative tape around the jar to hide the glue spot. My genius father suggested WD-40 or lighter fluid. I tried both, and WD-40 is the clear winner. Could not believe how easily it took of the glue!
  2. Prep the jars. Attach the wick sticker to the inside bottom of the jar. The wick stickers are double sided, and I found I could best approximate the center of the jar by putting the wick sticker on my thumb. Next, attach the bottom metal piece of the wick to the wick sticker. Then, secure the wick with a cloths pin. This is to ensure the wick ends up in the center of the candle.

3. Melt the soy wax in a double boiler. I used the bottom part of my double boiler and the pouring pot to make a double boiler. I put about an inch of water in the bottom pan and then put the pouring pot with soy wax in the bottom pan. I could have used my double boiler in its entirety, but I have fallen in love with the pouring pot! It eliminates the need to transfer the melting wax to a glass measuring cup with a pour spout, as I’ve done while making soap. I’m definitely trying the pouring pot the next time I make soap. 1 cup of the soy wax flakes makes a little over 2 candles. Use medium to medium high heat. Stir with wooden spoon until melted.

4. Remove from heat and add essential oil(s). I used Young Living Essential Oils’ proprietary blend, Christmas Spirit, which is a mix or Orange, Cinnamon Bark and Black Spruce. Add about 10 drops per cup of soy wax. Use more or less, depending on essential oil(s) and the strength of scent you want. Stir with wooden spoon.

5. Pour melted soy wax and essential oil mix into the jars. I filled the jars up to the lid line.

6. Let the wax dry for about 3 hours.

7. Cut the wick to 1/2 inch above the wax. This happened to be right at the top of the jar. In true waste not, want not fashion, I plan to recycle the wicks I cut off, as they are about 4 inches long. I’ll just need to buy the metal pieces to reuse them.


8. Decorate as you wish. I secured the diamond wrap ribbon to the middle of the jar with double-sided tape. The jar measures a little over 7 inches, so I cut the ribbon and tape accordingly. I downloaded Avery’s label program to make labels for the jar lids.


For my inaugural run, I made 20 baby jar candles, 10 with gold ribbon and 10 with rose gold ribbon. I’m calling these candles “Holiday.” I plan on giving them as gifts and selling them on my etsy site. Before I post them on etsy tomorrow, if you would like to beat the etsy crowd, they are available for $3 each or 4 for $10. Comment or message me. First come, first serve. And no worries if they sell out fast, I can and will make more.

Baby jar candles are very versatile. They make perfect bridal shower, wedding, and baby shower favors; place holders; and gifts. They can be scented with any essential oil single or blended scent you desire. Let me know and I’ll custom make, design and label them for your needs and wants.


In my last Make and Break post, I established that I am not a morning person. Every morning, I roll Joy over my heart and Stress Away on my wrists and behind my ears. It’s my chill combination. One morning, I started getting tingly on my lower arms and thought I was having an allergic reaction. No, I had rolled Deep Relief on my wrists, rubbing it into my wrists and lower arms, and behind my ears. It took me a couple of times (yes, I did this more than once) to realize what that sensation was. Another morning, I rolled Deep Relief over my heart, instead of Joy. Seriously. No heartache that day, lol!

Until next time, share your makes and breaks in the comments below. All the thrills and spills, right here.

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