Magnolia and Vine is blooming. The company had its annual convention, Bloom, last week and let the flap out of the bag. Literally. Magnolia and Vine’s new Versa line features interchangeable handbags. Versa is a nice compliment to Magnolia and Vine’s mainstay – interchangeable jewelry and accessories.

Disclosures and Disclaimers

Magnolia and Vine Inside Scoop

If you haven’t heard of Magnolia and Vine, it may be because the company was established in 2015. Magnolia and Vine features an impressive array of jewelry and accessories – bracelets, pendants, chains, chain extenders, necklaces, rings, earrings, hair accessories, pins, flip flops, handbags, wallets, readers, eyeglass holders, lanyards, bag charms and key rings – all of which allow for endless, different styles with one or more of their interchangeable original 18 mm or mini 12 mm snaps. The line also includes stretch bracelets and rings and magnetic clasps, as well as custom snaps that you design with your own photos. Magnolia and Vine’s 2016 Fall/Winter Collection included hats, boot cuffs, gloves, head bands and scarves. I missed out on the Atkinson Cap last year, and I’m hoping it makes a comeback this year.

In 2016, Magnolia and Vine acquired Miche, the forerunner of the interchangeable handbag, and its patents. Miche offered 4 sizes of base bags and dozens of shells that wrapped around the base bags, secured by magnets. Miche closed to the public before Magnolia and Vine’s purchase. Like some Magnolia and Vine style consultants, I am a former Miche representative. With at least a couple of tubs of shells and base bags in my attic, I was a bit peeved to learn that Magnolia and Vine, at present time, does not have plans to revive Miche. So much so, that I really didn’t want to like the new Versa line.

Game Changer

But then I saw the Versa in person, and despite my best efforts, it was love at first sight. Magnolia and Vine’s twist on the Miche design is pure genius. To close the Versa’s black or brown base bag, you can choose from 36 interchangeable Accents (flaps), some of which allow for original or mini snaps (double interchangeability!). The Accents are held in place by two snaps and magnets. One snap fastens to the top of the back of the bag, the Accent goes over the bag’s opening, and is secured by a snap on the bottom of the front of the bag. The Accents make it a snap (pun intended) to change the look of the bag, from simple to bling. The Versa straps are also interchangeable, as are some extra bling, like tassels to match the Accents. The Versa takes up a lot less storage space than the Miche base bags and shells. You can stack the Accents or even use metal file folder holders to store them. The Versa base bag is a medium-sized handbag, comparable in size to something between the Basic and Demi Miche base bags.

Be sure to jump on my Magnolia and Vine website on August 1 to check out the new Versa line. One of the customer specials for August is a $29.99 Accent that features a place for an original 18 mm snap (double interchangeability!) for $5.99 with a $79 Versa purchase.

How to get Your Magnolia and Vine Fix

You can get your Magnolia and Vine fix by shopping online and/or hosting a social in person or online, for which you can get Hostess Rewards and Exclusives. No hassle and no membership, and if you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact me through my website. I also have a Facebook page, Kim’s Magnolia and Vine. For every 100 likes/follows, I’ll give a randomly-drawn, lucky winner a Magnolia and Vine prize.

July Magnolia and Vine specials include: Mini Bowtie Black and Mini Metallic Silver Flip Flops for $14.99 and buy 4 snaps, get 1 snap free (ongoing).

You can also get your fix through Mvip Subscriptions, a new exclusive monthly snap club. For $20/month, you receive either 2 original 18 mm snaps or 3 mini 12 mm snaps. You can also purchase the monthly subscription for a year for $200, which is a $40 savings. I’m in.

My Magnolia and Vine Story

In February, I met my friend, Pam, for lunch and was instantly drawn to a bracelet she was wearing. I placed my first order that week. The brown leather and rose gold bracelet are two of my favorite pieces. The rose gold bracelet looks so good, I’ve had friends tell me they thought it was real!


Pleased by the quality of items in my first order and the compliments I received (and still receive), I decided to purchase a Magnolia and Vine starter kit. The 3 starter kits range in price from $99-$249 and are worth $390-$1,200 retail.

I decided to test the waters at a recent local women’s show. This is a picture of my booth before the nearly 1,000 women descended:


The response was great, ranging from wanting to buy my displays to hosting socials to getting their fix online!

I chose to become a Magnolia and Vine style consultant because I love the product and would buy it any way. Their pieces are well-made, inexpensive, and store and travel well. I was also intrigued by how young this company is, which I believe translates into big opportunity. I’m not an arm twister, and if you ever see anything on social media with my name attached to it that says, “Join my team!”, you can be sure that the social media account or I have been high-jacked. However, if you try Magnolia and Vine and/or are interested after reading this post, I would love to have you and will take good care of you. Truly, Magnolia and Vine is my fun thing.

Until next time, cha-cha-cha-changes…to my handbacg, bracelet, earrings, necklace…

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