Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Right after I made inhalers for my sweet friend Mary, I whipped up a batch of lip balm, hoping to provide some relief for my husband and myself.

Disclosures and Disclaimers

The wind and cold temperatures outside and dry air from the heat inside can wreak havoc on our smoochers. Cracked, bleeding lips are not only painful and frustrating to the person dealing directly with the issue, but also to the person who washes the clothes, sheets, pillow cases and pillows multiple times. Determined to no longer be the latter, I thought about what I consider to be some of the best essential oils for skin  – Lavender, Frankincense and Tea Tree. These oils are also recommended for cuts, scrapes and wounds in the Life Science Essential Oils pocket reference, seventh edition. A soothing lip balm was born that seems to be a Make so far.

Our Lips Our Healed Lip Balm


9 drops each Lavender and Frankincense essential oils

6 drops Tea Tree essential oil

2 Tablespoons each pure coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter


  1. Melt pure coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter on medium heat in a double boiler . I put this mixture in a 1-cup glass measuring cup and put the cup in a small pot with about 1/2 to 1  inch of water.
  2. Remove the melted mixture from the heat and add the essential oils. Stir with a wooden toothpick.
  3. Use a pipette (plastic eye dropper) to pour the melted ingredients into lip balm tubes.
  4. Let the lip balm set for a couple of hours.

This recipe makes about 8 full-size tubes. I got the base for this recipe from the same source as the inhalers. The recipe calls for 20-30 drops of a single essential oil or combination. I intended to use 8 drops each of Lavender, Frankincense and Tea Tree, but ran out of Tea Tree at 6 drops, so I added more of the others.

Lack of extra laundry the last few weeks seems to be an indication this combination is working. Until next time, Our Lips are Healed.

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