My sweet friend Mary made my day twice when she asked if I could make her a couple of inhalers to help with alertness and sinus congestion. I love that she asked me and that she also gave me a Make and Break idea. According to the Essential Oils pocket reference, Seventh Edition by Life Science Publishing, directly inhaling essential oils can help with congestion; however, not to exceed 10-15 times a day and not recommended for those with asthma. Whether directly inhaling, applying topically, diffusing or taken as a dietary supplement, peppermint and citrus essential oils are uplifting and can help increase clarity.

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Make and Break 6

I Can Breathe Clearly Now Inhaler


Nasal Inhaler Tube

4 drops each Peppermint, Eucalyptus Radiata and Tea Tree essential oils


  1. Place the wick into the end cap.
  2. Drop the essential oil on the top of the wick. I varied the three oils up to 12 drops. I also used a paper plate to catch stray drops of oil.
  3. Place the wick and end cap securely into the inhaler. I used the counter top, covered with a paper towel, to press the wick and end cap into the inhaler.

inhalers and lip balm 4

Ta Da! Super easy, and when the scent fades, you can reapply oils to the inhaler’s wick.

Wakey, Wakey Inhaler


Nasal Inhaler Tube

3 drops each Lemon, Peppermint and Rosemary essential oils


  1. Follow the same process as for the I Can Breath Clearly Now inhaler.

Depending on which aromatherapy benefit you’re seeking, you can tailor the essential oils combination you use in an inhaler. Be sure to use no more than a total of 12 drops of essential oils per inhaler.

My friend Brandy has 8 essential oils inhaler recipes in her newly revised book Essential Oil Recipes: One Drop at a Time, along with over 100 other essential oils recipes. Her essential oil recipe books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart and through her Etsy site. Brandy’s the one who inspired me to always have a tune in my blog posts. This post’s tune is right under your nose.

Let me know what inhaler combinations you create, or if you would like either the I Can Breathe Clearly Now or Wakey Wakey inhaler or one made just for you by Oils & Spoils.

Until next time, stop and smell the essential oils.

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Oils & Spoils Blog:  Oils & Spoils now has 601 followers and 10, 968 hits. In celebration, I’m going to give some oily goodness to one lucky follower. Details in the next blog post. I’m truly humbled and overjoyed at our community. Thanks so much for tuning in.

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