Today was monumental for me. I started my first herb garden and planted a Knockout Rose bush. Why the big deal? Well, the thoughts of how time-consuming a project like this might be and how I don’t have my Mom’s green thumb have held me back. Until now. A few forces motivated me to break new ground.

Planting 4 herbs and a rose bush took a grand total of 2 hours. That included weeding, evening out the garden bed, planting and mulching. Not having time will no longer be my excuse to not do something I enjoy and from which I will have much future benefit. I can see this lesson applying to other areas of my life.

The forces that motivated me were my husband, my parents and the weather. Before I tell you how, let me share a little secret with you. About this time last year, I decided I wanted an herb garden, driven in part by purchasing dried lavender and rose buds for my soaps. I thought it would be cool to grow and dry my own herbs for soap making, cooking, etc. My parents and I went to Lowe’s and picked out several herbs, along with gardening soil and potting mix. I was going to put the herbs in planters out on the back deck. I got home and put the herbs in the driveway to plant later. Later never came. I never had time, or so I thought. Despite watering them, they eventually died in the driveway. Mom and Dad would ask from time to time how the herbs were doing. I never told them, but I suspect they knew.

About a month ago, I was eyeing the hedge between the sidewalk and the back of the house and thought, that would be a great place to have an herb garden. The space is about 8 feet long by 1-1 1/2 feet wide. Way too small for the hedge that took up half the sidewalk. Every year, my husband I thought the hedge was going to give up the ghost, but every year it came back. I told him I wanted to pull the hedge out and plant an herb garden. A couple of weeks ago, I came home after running errands and no more hedge! He had taken care of it. Such a sweet surprise!

It was also a surprise how much removing the hedge opened up that part of the back of the house. Some good Feng Shui. With the challenge of removing the hedge, a new challenge sprouted. I would have to do something with this space. Whereas, throwing away the herbs (evidence) last year left no trace of failed intentions, this empty space was on display.

Before herb

So, today, after eating breakfast, my parents and I went to Lowe’s. On my list: Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, Lemongrass, Stevia and Knockout Roses. I wanted some rose bushes from which to dry petals and make rose water. My Mom suggested Knockout Roses, because they’re hearty, and she knows me. Over the years, I have even managed to kill a cactus. Mom’s green thumb? Several years ago, she had a thriving day lily business and even hybridized some of her own day lilies. It’s not often that I ask for my parents’ help, so they were thrilled to (once again) help me pick out plants and mulch.

I was able to get Chocolate Mint (who knew?!), Rosemary, Italian Oregano (they also had Greek Oregano), Lavender and a pink Knockout Rose bush. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get everything on my list, but I thought, it’s a start. I had some garden soil left over from last year (ahem), so I only needed to add a bag of small pine bark nuggets to my cart.

I got home and hemmed and hawed a little. I checked the weather on my phone. It’s supposed to rain tonight and the next couple of days. I decided to go for it. Behind the I don’t have time or a green thumb excuses, I’ll admit that I was intimidated. I was more afraid that if I didn’t plant the herbs and rose bush and they sat in the garage or in that empty space, I would never plant them.

When I finished, I surveyed my work and thought, it’s a start. There’s room next to the sidewalk for the Lemongrass, Basil and Stevia that I’ll get and plant this week. There’s also room around the deck to plant more Knockout Roses in different colors: red, yellow, purple, etc. I’ll finally put the hose on the holder that is attached to the house. The one on the sidewalk came with us from our previous house, 9 years ago! I’ll need to get a new nozzle and maybe even a new hose. I need to get the wheelbarrow wheel fixed. I may even tackle weeding and mulching the rest of our landscaping.

I start to get overwhelmed, because that’s a lot to do. I don’t have time. But then I think, it’s a start. I’ll break this into small pieces and get it done, bit by bit. Just as I did today. I can see this approach applying to other areas of my life.

Two unexpected benefit from today’s venture were: 1) For 2 hours, I didn’t think about anything while my hands were in the dirt. I got a much-needed mental break, and 2) I am more motivated to tackle big projects at work this week.

My dogs were the first to see my handiwork. Initially, Bailey (pictured above) was not a fan. She barked and ran away, because she was afraid of her new surroundings. The last time I took her out, however, she stuck her nose all the way into the Chocolate Mint plant. Twice. Seems like some sort of analogy for today.

Until next time, I invite you to find 2 hours to do something you have wanted to do or something you enjoy, but haven’t because you don’t have time or any one of an infinite number of excuses. If you don’t finish, it’s a start. If it’s something big, break it up into smaller pieces. I’d love to hear your plans and progress. Feel free to comment or message me. Let’s Get It Started In Here. Much Love, Kim

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