I was so proud of myself for finally getting my herb garden started. The next night, a torrential downpour washed my pride away. I was more than a little peeved, wanting to shake my fist at the sky and questioning Mother Nature’s sense of humor. I didn’t dwell on my disappointment for too long. In fact, as I looked at the pine nugget mulch strewn under the deck stairs and across the sidewalk, I became more determined.

I thought I might need some edging to keep the mulch between the house and the sidewalk. Now I knew. At least my herbs – Lavender, Rosemary, Chocolate Mint and Italian Oregano – didn’t wash away. The next day, I swept what mulch I could back into the garden. I also posted the washout picture to Instagram and Facebook with the caption, Mother Nature – 1, Kim – 0. Within a few minutes, a friend messaged me that he had some edging he wasn’t using.  I had already been looking for some edging that snapped together with stakes to make it easy to put in the ground. The edging my friend gave me was just what I wanted and more. The stone-like, off-white facade looks great. Thanks, Jeff and Roma!

The ground being as hard as a real rock by the time I started to use the edging was not a deterrent. I gave the ground a good watering and voila! To round out and complete my herb garden, I added Lemongrass, Sweet Basil and Peppermint. Today, as I was weeding my herb garden, I made a mental note to get more mulch. I also noticed that the Peppermint was not faring too well. I had left it in a pot that was supposed to become one with the earth. That wasn’t happening, judging by the ease with which the herb and pot came out of the ground as one unit. I removed the pot and replanted the Peppermint. I’ll share a picture when my Peppermint rallies, because I know it’s going to rally. Lemongrass and Sweet Basil are featured at the top of this post. The others:

I made the plant markers from a Pinterest idea Mom was kind enough to email to me: wine corks, bamboo skewers and a fine Sharpie. Here’s a tip: The bamboo skewers do not go easily into the corks. Being resourceful, I used the end of a meat thermometer like a post digger.

In addition to weeding my herb garden, I also planted some irises taken from my husband’s grandparents’ place. They have been gone for some time, and now their house is gone, too, to make way for a development. His brother dug up the irises their grandmother so loved and gave some to his wife, me and his sister. I planted them in the corner of the stairs opposite from the Knockout Rose bush. Thanks, Tim!


I also transferred Spanish Lavender to a bigger pot to keep on the deck, as Lavender is one of several herbs said to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. It’s looking a little puny at the moment. I’ll share a picture when my Spanish Lavender rallies, because I know it’s going to rally, along with my Peppermint – and along with me. Because we are all determined.

I plan to pot some Citronella and put it on the deck, along with the Spanish Lavender. I’ll let you know if the herbs on the deck and in my  garden keep the vampire bugs away. I’m also going to do some research on drying and storing herbs and will share my findings, along with real-life experience.

Weeding my herb garden, planting the irises and re-potting the Spanish Lavender may have taken me a little over a half hour. I don’t really know, as I’m not tracking my time on this project any more. I’ve already proven to myself that I do have time for a herb garden and for other yard projects. What has been the biggest surprise from this venture is that I need this time. I may not have inherited my Mom’s green thumb, but so far, so good. I now understand her passion for gardening. There truly is something gratifying and therapeutic about having a vision, preparing the ground, getting your hands in the dirt, and seeing your vision grow.

Until next time, when Mother Nature sings, I beg your pardon; I never promised you a herb garden, I’ll just reply, let it rain. We’re determined.

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