It’s been a month of Sundays since I participated in the Young Living Essential Oils Beauty School in Nashville. I waited 3 years since the last time the event was in Nashville, and it was worth the wait. I’ll share my Young Living Beauty School experience and some tips in this post and will discuss what I learned about not-so-good chemicals in skin care, makeup, and bath and body products and a skin care regime in upcoming posts.

Disclosures and Disclaimers

I almost missed it again because within 2 hours of Young Living posting the event, all 500 spots were taken. I emailed Dr. Luba Vozarova, Global Beauty Program Senior Director, to ask (beg) for consideration in the event of a cancellation. I was delighted when she responded that Young Living would have a second Beauty School that weekend. In all, 1,000 Young Living members attended Beauty School Jan. 25 and Jan. 27. Tip: Young Living will have 1-day and 2-day Beauty Schools monthly around the country. If one comes near you, and you want to go, snap up your ticket the minute the event is posted.

The event was actually held at the Cool Springs Embassy Suites in Franklin, Tenn. Upon arrival, I registered and picked up my bag of swag. There were so many colors to choose from, and I was torn between the pink and gold bags, but already possessing a couple of pink bags and no gold bag, gold it was. Swag included 5 g each of Sandalwood Moisture Cream, ART Creme Masque, and ART Intensive Moisturizer; full-size ART Gentle Cleanser: full-size Savvy Minerals Jet Setter Eyeliner, applicator and Abundant Lip Gloss (my favorite shade); a YL headband; and an exclusive essential oil blend, Amoressence (Vetiver, Idaho Blue Spruce, Jasmine, Davana, Ocotea, and Ylang Ylang). I can’t remember whether I bought the 10-pack each samples of Mirah Shave Oil, Orange Blossom Facial Wash (another favorite) and Wolfberry Eye Cream (another favorite) or if it was included in the swag bag. Behold the Young Living Beauty School swag bag:

YL BS Swag

There were two sessions, General Session 1: Skin Care Trends and General Sessions 2: Hands-On Training and Beauty with Savvy Minerals. Participants could get Facial Photos and Foundation Color Matching before and after sessions and during break.

I was able to get a Facial Photo before General Session 1 started. I’m not sharing the actual Facial Assessment Report because it shows a standard photo of me with no makeup, an RBX Red: vascular conditions photo and an RBX Brown: underlying sun damage photo. My report was pretty good, just some sun damage that can be reversed. I was a bit surprised, as I’ve never been a sunbather, but I am fair skinned and have been burnt badly at least a few times in my life. So, note to self, make sunscreen a part of my morning routine. Sheerlume was recommended to even my skin tone. I did not have an appointment, so I waited in line for about an hour for the Facial Photo. The line for Foundation Color Matching was about the same. Tip: The start of General Session 1 had some general information about essential oils, aging, history of skin care and makeup, and toxicity. I sneaked out and got my Foundation Color Matching (Savvy Minerals Powder Foundation) and shopped the Young Living and Life Science Publishing shops with virtually no lines or crowd. I put my goodies in my car and settled in for the rest of General Session 1. Behold some of my haul:

YL BS Loot

Tip: Establish a shopping budget and stick to it. That is all.

For our hands-on training, we got to sample products for the Young Living Skin Care Regimen, to Cleanse (Orange Blossom Facial Wash), Exfoliate (Satin Facial Scrub), Tone (ART Refreshing Toner), Restore (ART Renewal Serum) and Moisturize (ART Light Moisturizer). Tip: Don’t wear makeup to Beauty School for two reasons: 1. the Facial Photo and 2. you won’t be hesitant to play with these skin care products. Behold our sample pallette:


In a future blog, I’ll break down the various Young Living skin care products according to skin type and where they fit in the skin care regimen. Once you’ve attended Beauty School, you can order Beauty Boxes or Sample Bags by season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). You can use the samples on yourself or replicate Beauty School with friends. Tip: Some of the sample packs are more of a bargain (cost less) than their full-size counterparts. Wolfberry Eye Cream, which I use every day, is an example.

General Session 2 wrapped up with a discussion about common toxins found in makeup and tips on applying Savvy Minerals by Young Living makeup. Common toxins found in makeup include: parabens, phthalates, lead, talc, mineral oil, petrochemicals, bismuth oxychloride, fragrances, PEG compounds, nano particles and synthetic dyes. When Dr. Vozarova asked for volunteers to swap some of their makeup for Savvy Minerals makeup, which is free of toxins, she got quite the response:

YL BS Swap

In preparing for a future blog on the topic of toxins found in makeup, I’m going to do a little homework and invite you to join me. I’ll go through all my makeup, check ingredients and give an honest review. I’ll start by saying that I love some Savvy Minerals products, but not all. Surely, I can’t alone in using several different brands of makeup from day to day.

Beauty School wrapped up with giveaways of products. Overall, it was a great experience and very well run, considering there were 500 of us. From registration to closing, it was a seamless experience, sort of like a mini-convention. Dr. Vozarova was a delight. The lunch buffet was incredible, with salad, veggies, fruits, cheese, butter, all clean foods, and dessert. I’m not much of a salad eater, but I’m learning. It was the most delicious smelling and tasty buffet. And good for you. Just like the whole Young Living Beauty School experience.

Oils & Spoils Updates

Oils & Spoils is on Etsy

Working on a line of essential oil diffuser jewelry, along with other handcrafted and vintage jewelry offerings.

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Monat News

Monat (Modern + Nature) now has dog wash and deodorizing spray! Definitely will add this to my FlexShip next time. I’ve been using the Revive shampoo and Revitalize conditioner for volume, but recently switched it up and tried the Restructuring shampoo and conditioner. During a video call, one of my friends said, “Are you still using Monat? Your hair looks thicker.” Why, yes, I am and thanks. See results below (second picture, lol!):

Grateful to Be Here

An update on the 3 ways I’m paying it forward: I distributed flyers to restart an ostomy support group here in Murfreesboro, Tenn. If you know anyone who might be interested, please share this flyer with them. I’ve started writing my story, The Inconvenience Journal, and a super talented friend of mine is working on The Inconvenience Journal/Planner designs.