Anniversaries have a way of making me check for objects in the side view mirror before turning my focus to straight ahead. I’m a bit late in posting about my oiliversary which was March 16, the day I bought my first Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit 4 years ago. I still use essential oils every day. My first two oiliversary posts were about how I use essential oils (one-year and two-year). Last year’s oiliversary post was about goals. That was April 16, a week after my first colonoscopy and the discovery of an inconvenience that has taken more than a year of my life. Though I will deal with the after effects the rest of my life, this inconvenience did not take my life, and I am determined to do all I can to never relive the past year.

Disclosures and Disclaimers

My doctors don’t know what caused my inconvenience, but as I was going through it, they all advised me to avoid processed food. One doctor said it could have been caused by some toxin in me, around me, or on me.  So, I started eating cleaner – fruits, vegetables, lean meat, nitrate-free lunch meat, etc. I downloaded a couple of apps that rate toxins in cosmetics and food. I changed my makeup. Hubs and I are currently doing some renovations to our house to make our environment cleaner.

This blog has always been about more than essential oils, as evidenced by my posts and the name “Oils & Spoils.” I’ll continue to post about essential oils and handcrafted and vintage jewelry and other “spoils,” but it makes sense to expand Oils & Spoils to include information, reviews and tips/hacks on living cleaner. Essential oils were my first foray into this space. I’ve done a lot of research over the past year, and I’m ready to save you some time and money by sharing what I’ve learned and as I learn. Be sure to follow Oils & Spoils blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, and to borrow a phrase from my friend Klaudya, “feel the shift.”

In addition to expanding conceptually, Oils & Spoils will also increase the frequency of posts on the aforementioned social media and try new platforms. I’m finally feeling a return of the energy the inconvenience took from me, aided by time and a changing lifestyle.

Oh, and in true Oils & Spoils style, there will be giveaways…starting NOW! My favorite magazine is Willow and Sage, Homemade Bath & Body. I recently bought what I thought was the latest issue of this quarterly magazine, only to realize it was the May/June/July issue I already had. Like this blog post, and I’ll choose a random winner from all the likes.


Until next time, join me for a Cool Change. You knew I had to throw a song in here, right?

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Next on Oils & Spoils: No Beauty School Drop Out – Part 2, product reviews, book reviews, weight lost journey, and more!

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