Happy New Year! And welcome to Oils & Spoils first blog of 2017. So, while whipping up some batches of staples for my home and Etsy shop (Lavender and Falling for You bar soaps and Peppermint lip balm), I decided to play Mad Essential Oilist. On first try, I created something so luxurious and delicious smelling that I just had to share! And yes, it’s Oils & Spoils easy to make (i.e. super easy to make).

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Vanilla Rose Himalayan Bath Salts with Rose Buds/Petals

Ingredients (Where Purchased)

4 ounces Himalayan Crystal Salt (Marshall’s)

4 teaspoons Vanilla Extract (Everyday Oil Solutions)

4 drops Rose Essential Oil (Young Living Essential Oils)

8 teaspoons Dried Rose Buds/Petals (Bulk Apothecary)

4 glass storage tubes (Michael’s, bead landing, pack of 24)



  1. Combine Himalayan crystal salt, vanilla extract, Rose essential oil and dried rose buds/petals in a plastic bag
  2. Seal bag
  3. Mix thoroughly by shaking well
  4. Make a 1-inch cut diagonally across one of the corner of the plastic bag to form a funnel
  5. Pour mixed ingredients into glass storage tubes

I have to admit, the last step almost made this a Break, because it started to get a little messy. I didn’t have a funnel, so I made my own. While the plastic bag funnel worked, some of my divine-smelling concoction missed the glass tube and ended up on the counter and sink. Not wanting to waste the tiniest bit, I put the glass storage tube into a measuring cup to contain the spillage.


This recipe fills 4 1-ounce glass tubes, which may not sound like a lot, but it’s plenty for a bath or plug the drain, pour on the bottom of the shower use. When first mixed, all I could smell was the Rose essential oil. Being a serious waste-not, want-not type of girl, I put the plastic bag funnel, which had the slightest bit of leftovers, into another plastic bag and used it the next morning in the shower. Having set overnight, I could smell the vanilla extract and the Rose essential oil, which is truly a heavenly combination. I noticed the dried rose buds/petals plumped up in the water, enhancing my every day is spa day experience.

I’m in the process of deciding how best to label/decorate the tubes, but these salts look so pretty, any embellishment should be slight. Maybe some ribbons and tags.


I’m thinking of trying this recipe with Lavender essential oil and lavender buds, in place of the Rose essential oil and dried rose buds/petals. Feel free to comment on other combinations.

Until next week, Splish Splash!

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