This Make and Break installment features a few stocking stuffers I made last month. I’d call these a Make: Beard Oil and Luxurious Lavender Bath Salts. The other goodie in the featured picture is Moisturizing Lavender Lemongrass Spray, the recipe for which is given in 60 Bottles of Oils on the Wall.

A few of my guy friends are rocking beards right now, and at least one is having issues with dry skin and another, who may be snowboarding as we keyboard, had requested a bottle. I could not find the beard oil recipe I made last year (maybe Pinterest is right), so I did a quick search and found 51 Beard Oils Recipes by Tools for Men. What I like most about this resource is the information on carrier oils, those oils with which to mix the essential oils, and the array of essential oil combinations, arranged by base, middle and top notes, just as one would create a scent for perfume.

Disclosures and Disclaimers

Beard Oil Recipe


1 ounce Jojoba oil

4 drops Frankincense essential oil

3 drops Tea Tree essential oil

3 drops Roman Chamomile essential oil

1 ounce amber or blue eye dropper bottle

Directions: Drop essential oils into bottle, then add Jojoba oil until almost full. Put top on and roll in hands to mix well.

I chose Jojoba oil because it’s a good moisturizing oil for the skin. Originally, I wanted to use Lavender, Frankincense and Tea Tree essential oils, because these oils are also good skin moisturizers and revitalizers. However, I wasn’t sure the scent of Lavender would go over too well in a beard oil, and some folks have a sensitivity to this essential oil. I decided to use Roman Chamomile, instead of Lavender, having read that Roman Chamomile can be substituted for Lavender in recipes, because it is also a chill essential oil. The combination of Frankincense, Roman Chamomile and Tea Tree essential oils has a crisp, clean scent. The possibilities are endless.

Luxurious Lavender Bath Salts Recipe

I had ordered some orange peels from Bramble Berry for my Falling for You soap and added some dried cornflower petals and marigolds, thinking they would look amazing in soap. When I opened the box, the dried flowers smelled divine!

Bramble and Berry

Luxurious Lavender Bath Salts

As I was already making some soap, I thought I’d make some bath salts with the dried cornflower. I found the Soap Queen by Bramble Berry, which is a bath and body DIY-er’s delight, and made the Luxurious Lavender Bath Salts, with a slight variation. Where the recipe calls 3 ounces each of medium and fine pink sea salt, I used 6 ounces of Himalayan salt. The recipe also includes Epsom salt, Lavender essential oil, dried lavender and dried cornflower petals. The salts look and smell so good, that I’m going to have to make a batch all for myself!

The recipe fills 3 10-ounce glass jars; however I was able to fill 10 smaller 3-ounce square glass jars.

Try different carrier and essential oils combinations for the beard oil, and let me know your favorites. You could also do the same with the bath salts recipe – try different dried flower and essential oils combinations.

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